Another Beautiful Day at Killruddery House & Gardens Farm Market

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Another gorgeous sunny Saturday in the Garden of Ireland (what's going on?). The other half decided to hit the hills for some hiking in the fine weather but luckily enough I now have the packing and unloading of the car down to a fine art. Crucially I didn't forget the Kilbeggan Organic Foods Porridge Oats Seed Bread I had baked up the night before with a view to delighting the day's shoppers! And it totally did! The big draw was a combination of it's simplicity- just add Greek yogurt- and the health benefits, being organic and wheat free. Probably should mention that people were as surprised as I was that it looks and tastes like bread too! I sold several of the seeded variety as a result and some savoury flavour too. Kinda surprised the fruit didn't move - even with my waxing lyrical about its charms when ludicrously lathered with butter and jam- but I'll fix that when I bake up a loaf of that for the next weekend! Highlight of the day: selling a bottle of Mic's Chilli Inferno Extreme to a young girl of about 12- under her parent's supervision- who preceeded to tell me she was weird and liked things that were seriously hot and spicy. Excuse me, nothing weird about that at all!!

Not a bad day at all and I'm really delighted for the young teenager who set up a stall next to me selling her homemade elderflower cordials and "honegars" (apple cider vinegar blended with local honey and infused with Wicklow elderflower). Her packaging was just beautiful, her father had the sales spiel down perfectly (she was mortified) and she was practically cleared out of her stock by end of day! Great to see kids taking an interest in wild food and entrepreneurship!

Hosted a family dinner and cards night Saturday evening- flew home from Bray to sort out the tunes (Lemon Jelly, Nouvelle Vague, The Avalanches and The Smiths), nearly broke my laptop by knocking it off the arm of the sofa, then laid on an Italian evening of antipasti (thanks Italiamo and Lidl), pasta, garlic bread, free-flowing red wine (a Tesco Finest Negroamara- fab), ice cream sundaes and card games. Well, card game. Cards Against Humanity, just wrong.

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