Foodies, Raspberries and Sunshine @ Killruddery

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Thank you everyone who stopped by the stall at Killruddery today! And boooo to the Canadian guy in the Canada t-shirt who brushed off my "Happy Canada Day" with feck all acknowledgement. Was hoping to chat but no, he practically ran! Most un-Canadian :P

A lovely vibe today with lots of people passing through enjoying the fabulous food and crafts on offer. Jan and her beautiful Wicklow raspberries stole the show- picked less than 24 hours before from her family's few acres just up the road in Kilmac, they were just luscious. I brought home a large punnet and I'm planning to pick up some more next week for freezing. She'll be there for the next few weeks- grab them while they're in season!

The Killruddery farm market cafe does a great cup of coffee too. McCabes of Wicklow I think, must check, but they have it bang on. I had the most amazing oaty chunky chocolate chip cookie for "breakfast" with the coffee- the chocolate was still melting and in true Whelan fashion, it ended up everywhere. There's a saying in our family, "Whelans don't eat food, they wear it".  It's contagious too. My husband, a Murphy of Glenard Ave, Bray, has been Whelan-ised: he has a spaghetti-sauce-stained hoodie to prove it (ONE OF US... ONE OF US...).  

There was lots of interest in my two-table spread today, with all sorts of people stopping by to chat and ask foodie questions. Bought stuff too, which is always a plus! Mella's Irish Butter Fudge was the top seller today with Rebel Chilli coming in a close second. Well done Co Cork! I'm hoping to get more of the lads Rebel Chilli range in over the next week or so, and more local boy Mic's Chilli too, in particular, his Naga Knockdown that's supposed to be hot, hot, hot!! 

I didn't get a chance to make the Kilbeggan Organic Foods Porridge Bread Mix with Fruit as promised but I will definitely do it next time, sorry!

T.x :)


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