Tara's Wheat-Free Dairy-Free Oat Bread

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By popular demand (okay, two people asked), here's my recipe for a fast and easy wheat-free dairy-free porridge oat bread. This recipe came to be while researching cholesterol-lowering foods and finding out that a combination of almonds, oats, soya and plant stanol can be just as effective as statin medication.

With a fair whack of oats and a whole tub of soya yogurt, if you're investigating the "Portfolio Eating Plan" for lowering cholesterol, this bread is a great staple and wonderful for breakfast and lunch or snacking. Otherwise its just another way of reducing wheat or regular bread in your diet and introducing more oats and soya protein- all while enjoying something that really is just like a wheaten soda bread. It's crazy how similar they are, in looks, texture and taste, but more filling than bread bread.


1 500g tub Alpro yogurt plain
460g organic porridge oats (approx- you want two times the yogurt container. I use Lidl Deluxe Organic Wafer Oats)
2 level teaspoons of bread soda
Half teaspoon sea salt



1. Empty the container of yogurt into a large mixing bowl

2. Take the empty yogurt container, wash and dry it. Fill it with porridge oats all the way to the top, empty into the mixing bowl with the yogurt. Do this twice.

3. Add the salt and bread soda

4. Get your hands in and mix really well, no dry bits left

5. Lift from the bowl and shape into a roundy ball in your hands (its meant to be really moist), place on a baking sheet (I use a bit of baking parchment underneath) and flatten slightly into the shape of a traditional Irish soda bread round

6. Cut a cross in the top to a depth of about 1cm

7. Place in pre-heated oven, bake at 180 degrees C for about 40 - 50 minutes until golden on top. A skewer inserted into the middle should come out clean, a tap on the bottom should sound a little hollow (like a brown bread).

8. Allow to cool on a wire rack-  don't be tempted to cut into it while still too warm, it will crumble. It needs to sit a bit!

9. When cool, slice and enjoy with butter, jam and a cup of tea :)

Optional: This recipe is a great base for sweet or savoury bread. Add seeds, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, sundried tomato or parmesan for interesting twists.

If you can't bear the thought of soya yogurt (but it makes feck all difference) go ahead and use regular dairy yogurt in natural or plain flavours. Greek yogurt works wonderfully.

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  • Beautiful bread…as nature intended it!!!!

    Ken Murphy on

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