Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms - Porcini Dust 40g

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Foraged Cep Porcini dried and milled into an ultrafine powder. The most flavoursome of the dried wild mushrooms, it delivers an intense smokey, woodland savoury note, high concentrations of natural glutamic acids deliver natural umami increasing the savoury depth of any dish it is used with.

A Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste award winner in 2016.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Adds depth and woodland notes to any mushroom soup
  • Combine with cream to produce a Porcini cream for use in pasta dishes
  • Sprinkled on Risotto provides an intense wild mushroom top note
  • Dry rubs for meat- pork and chicken especially- but fish too
  • Enhance the flavour of gravy
  • Toss with bread crumbs for unbelievable mac and cheese
  • Add flavour and thicken sauces

Ingredients: Dried Ceps (Boletus edulis), Sea Salt

Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms is based in the gorgeous Ballyhoura Mountains that border the counties of Cork, Limerick & Tipperary in Ireland. Their aim is very simple: to grow and supply the finest possible quality speciality mushrooms and mushroom products. 

Mark and Lucy's mushrooms are predominantly grown on wood substrate and all are grown in the absence of chemicals or pesticides. They supply a range of cultivated speciality mushrooms in addition to seasonal wild mushrooms and foraged plants direct to a wide range of restaurants, from Michelin star restaurants to the smallest cafes and also via farmers markets and food festivals to home cooks.

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