Burren Balsamics - Original Balsamic Reduction 250ml

Burren Balsamics - Original Balsamic Reduction 250ml

  • €9.00

This is the Balsamic base used to make the collection, then reduced to really show off it's flavour. Use it to enrich gravy and casseroles, sear roast beef or lamb in it before it goes in the oven, or marinate fresh tomatoes just before whipping up a fresh summer salad.

Ingredients: Balsamic vinegar of Modena, cane sugar

Burren Balsamics is the creation of Susie Hamilton, a chef and foodie who wanted to create an array of flavours which could be used as part of any recipe, to produce not just a luxury dressing, but a store cupboard essential.

Based in County Armagh, the heart of the orchard county, Susie strives to use as many local ingredients as possible. Only whole fruit is included in the making of her vinegar, and never from concentrate, ensuring the distinctive, rich, wholesome taste.

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