Chan Chan Sauce - Spice Bag Seasoning 150g

  • €3.50

Local Irish ingredients, Asian tradition. Add this seasoning to your wok fired chilli's, vegetables, chips and crispy chicken. It's delicious! 

The creation of Hong Kong-born Donegal-reared Kwanghi Chan, Kwanghi was chef at The Cliff and Soder + Ko before setting up as a development chef and food entrepreneur (we are grateful!).

"It’s most definitely not a Chinese New Year dish, but the “spice bag” – an Irish snack-food favourite – has become an internet sensation, with Aoife Dooley immortalising it in her "Dublin Hun" illustrations.  According to Dooley, “A spice bag consists of crispy chicken, red and green peppers, chilli peppers, and chips, all seasoned in a bag. If it’s a fancy curry shop, you get it in a box.”

Mary Claire Digby, The Irish Times Jan 26th 2017

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