Darkhorse - Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar 226g

Darkhorse - Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar 226g

  • €9.50

The aroma of Whisky Smoked Brown Sugar is absolutely intoxicating....even though it contains no alcohol.  This irresistible flavour combination enhances sweet and savoury dishes, even a great cup of coffee! 

It makes the most delicious marinade for salmon, beef, chicken and pork....or mix it into baked beans, sweet potatoes or carrots for a sophisticated boost of flavor.

Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar is a fabulous addition to chocolate cake, apple pie, or the whipped cream on top!  It also makes a decadent caramel sauce to drizzle over poached pears, vanilla ice cream, or bread pudding.   

You’ll have fun experimenting with Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar-  it’s destined to become a new pantry essential!

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