Dollop - 100% Irish Unsalted Butter Ghee 200ml

  • €6.50

Sophie van Dijk makes her fabulous product in Dundalk, Co Louth, her lightbulb moment coming while in the throes of the famous 12-week course at Ballymaloe Cookery School (I'm so jealous). With a background in chilled food purchasing for a major grocer, when she came up with her own idea for an innovative food product, she certainly knew what would appeal.

Dollop Ghee is pure Irish unsalted butter that has been clarified and simmered, the milk solids acquiring a toasty flavour that remains when they are filtered out. A key ingredient in Indian cooking, a dollop of ghee is perfect for roasting or frying, and delicious stirred into rice, cooked vegetables or even porridge. It has a high smoke point, and an intense, more buttery than butter taste.


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