Intelligent Tea - Anti Inflam 70g

Intelligent Tea - Anti Inflam 70g

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Containing Meadowsweet, Nettle, Elderflower, Yarrow and Elderflower. Meadowsweet is the lead herb, known to relieve inflammation.

Intelligent Tea make wild and indigenous Irish herbal infusions. Blending herbs and plants known for their health promoting properties, these are therapeutic brews that also taste great! Intelligent Tea works with Irish growers to produce native-grown Single Estate, or wild-picked herbs, for the blended Brews. All plants used are grown free of chemicals or organically.

Freda Wolfe is a chef and herbalist from the wilds of West Cork. She has always been passionate about native, organic and wild foods due to her farm roots and collaboration with inspirational chefs during her cooking days. The idea for these healing brews began during her studies in 2008 as a herbalist and Intelligent Tea was launched in September 2014 at Dublin's Temple Bar Market.

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