Oriel Sea Salt - Teeling Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt 250g

  • €6.50

Oriel Kiln Dried Mineral Sea Salt and 90 Year Old Nicauraguan Oak kegs freshly emptied of Hand Crafted Teeling Irish Whiskey unite to create this incredible powerhouse of flavour.

Chef and editor of The Menu in The Irish Examiner, Joe McNamee, managed to put it’s culinary effect into words: 

“Oriel’s new Teeling Irish Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt is the culinary equivalent of a unicyclist balancing a pile of dinner plates atop a long pole, the other end of which is perched precariously on the tip of his put-upon proboscis - the concept alone is both terrifying and ridiculous and in reality it shouldn’t work at all yet somehow it does, three stonking great flavors, whiskey, smoke, salt, piled on top of each other and coming together in what can only be described as a very vigorous harmony”

  • Powerful taste profile with deep mineral oak and whiskey after tones.
  • Lower sodium plus you use less - up to 25% reduction. (But you will want more)
  • Fine grain powder-like texture allows you to use less because that's all you need.
  • A great finisher, this one will change the way you think about salt. 
  • Smooth non-oxidised flavour is enhanced by the Whiskey and Oak notes.
  • Healthier – more minerals, lower sodium and use less (with this, who cares?).
  • No additives, sea salt as nature intended with just a puff of mighty smokin'.
  • Totally Irish – natural, pure and local.

Comments from some of the stars of the Irish culinary stage:

Ed O’Donnell, O’Donnells Crisps: “We tried a range of Sea Salts, but the taste profile of Oriel Sea Salt was supreme, these crisps have a wonderfully addictive taste"

Ross Lewis, Chapter One: "It's not until you taste this salt that you realise how clean and pure its flavour could and should be. And it's Irish we should all be using it!!!" 

Noel Mc Meel, Lough Erne Resort: "Everyone should be using this, a super ingredient and it’s Irish”

Ed Cooney, The Pearl at The Merrion Hotel: “Finally, a Sea Salt that does not overpower the dish but elevates the overall taste, super and Irish" 


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