Red Rooster Coffee - Bantam's Brew #4 Whole Bean 227g

Red Rooster Coffee - Bantam's Brew #4 Whole Bean 227g

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This is Red Rooster's interpretation of the world’s oldest coffee blend: Mocha-Java. Two locations, not two different coffees!  

So Mocha, or Al Mukha, is a port on the Red Sea in Yemen where a long time ago most Yemeni and Ethiopian coffee was shipped from.  For the Mocha component of Bantam’s Brew, Ethiopian coffee beans from the Yirga Cheffe and Sidamo areas are selected, roasted and blended, bringing out all the subtle flavours.

Java is an island in Indonesia where a lot of coffee used to be grown.  Then way back, about 150 years ago the coffee plants on Java were ruined by a ‘coffee rust’ disease and Java switched to growing tea but like Mocha, the name stuck even though most Indonesian coffee now comes from the island of Sumatra.  For this "Java", Red Rooster favour the beautiful, full bodied, earthy coffee that is grown in the Lintong area near Lake Toba.  

Deep and rich.

100% premium Arabica from Sumatra and Ethiopia.

Small batch roasted and blended in Co Leitrim  by a family, not a factory. Ethically sourced- fairly and directly traded.

50g - 65g of coffee per 1 litre of water (a level tablespoon is around 5.5g) but adjust to taste. Appropriate for press, drip or percolator. For the best coffee, use the best water.


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