Red Rooster Coffee - Buzz Bomb #5 Whole Bean 227g

Red Rooster Coffee - Buzz Bomb #5 Whole Bean 227g

  • €7.50

Two cups and you may never sleep again. Red Rooster have mixed a healthy dose of rich and earthy Sumatra Lintong coffee with a big dollop of Indian Robusta coffee. “Robusta?”, you ask.  “Isn’t that the type of coffee that is so crammed with caffeine that if I drank a cup my feet might not ever touch the ground again!?!  And isn’t Robusta harsh tasting?”  Yes, you are correct on both counts.

Robusta has about twice the caffeine content of Arabica coffee so it really helps you to get your buzz on.  And drinking a straight cup of Robusta is definitely a significant taste departure from a cup of Arabica.

But with Buzz Bomb you’re not drinking a full cup of Robusta- you’re drinking predominantly Arabica with a secret amount of a very fine Indian Robusta blended in to enhance the flavour. So while Buzz Bomb is power packed, it is a surprisingly smooth cup of coffee.  It’ll put a smile on your face.

Deep, rich and lively with pleasing floral notes and a dark chocolate finish. 

Sumatra Lintong Arabica and Premium Indian Cherry AA.

Small batch roasted and blended in Co Leitrim by a family, not a factory. Ethically sourced- fairly and directly traded. 

50g - 65g of coffee per 1 litre of water (a level tablespoon is around 5.5g) but adjust to taste. Appropriate for press, drip or percolator. For the best coffee, use the best water.

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