Smoky Brae - Smoked Sugar 235g (Pouch)

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Smoky Brae are a traditional Scottish Smoke House, a Kilted Highlander at the helm who is producing artisan, small batch smoked deliciousness. Smoked Sugar is a wonderful cold smoked demerara sugar that compliments cocktails, cooking and confection. Go nuts with your imagination- use it to make smoky fudges, smoky marshmallows, smoky chocolates, smoky doughnuts, smoky ice-cream... Or how 'bout smoky caramel sauce! Or blend with your favourite bbq spices to make an amazing rub, or sticky bbq sauces. You can see the blackening bark now, can't you? 

Steven Lamb at River Cottage has been using it in his bacon cures, Masterchef professional champions experimenting with it along with amazing comments from the likes of Nigella Lawson, Peter Sidwell and Steven Bennett the Lincolnshire Chef.

Brae (Bray?!) Bliss


50ml Vodka
30-40ml Kahlua
40ml Double Cream
1 teaspoon Smoky Brae Smoked Sugar

1 saucer Smoky Brae Smoked Sugar (can be reused)
Handful Ice



1. In a bowl, whisk double cream until slightly thicker but not stiff. 
2. Mix in a teaspoon of Smoked Sugar into your cream. Put the bowl aside.
3. Grab a saucer & fill it with Smoked Sugar. Wet the rim of the glass with fruit or a simple syrup then dip the glass to make a smoked sugar rim.
4. Mix and shake the vodka and Kahlua over ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into the glass. 
5. Float your cream over the top, just to cover.
6. Sit back and enjoy a most delicious cocktail :)

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