Spice Devils - Oh Fahl!! Spice Blend 25g

  • €5.00

It's here!! Who can handle the heat?!

Oh Fahl!! is the Irish version of Phaal, the world's hottest curry. It was developed from Spice Devils fruity curry spice blend and it can safely be said that this is Ireland's hottest curry.

This  is an extremely hot curry spice blend- 15% Carolina Reaper, the worlds hottest pepper, over 1.5M SHU. A Jalapeno is the equivalent of a marshmallow beside this pepper.

Handle and use responsibly, wear the gloves and keep away from children at all times.

Don't give it to anyone as a gift unless you know for absolute fact that a) they are in good health and don't have a heart condition and b) are absolutely nuts for supremely hot and spicy.

25g Pack (Serves 4)


Coriander seeds, chillies (Caroline Reaper), cumin, turmeric, fennel, fenugreek, cinnamon, green cardaon, black pepper, other chillies, ginger, cloves, mango powder, rose petals, bay leaves, black cardamon, mace.


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