Wild Irish Foragers - Hawthornberry Jelly Pot 106g

Wild Irish Foragers - Hawthornberry Jelly Pot 106g

  • €5.95

"We strive to recreate a taste of the past, recipes that were used in a bygone era. Wild food used in this way is part of Irish Food Heritage, a simple taste that has been almost forgotten. When we started out we went to Farmers Markets etc. and were amazed at the level of interest in our products and the amount of people who were so thrilled to taste a reminder of many of their childhoods. All our wild berries, flowers and herbs are handpicked by the whole family, but Gordon is our main forager and all the Wildies are handmade by Sharon in small batches."

Hawthornberry is a rich, sweet, spicy jelly.

Made using handpicked Hawthorn berries, homemade Crabapple Pectin and a “secret” combination of spices.

Traditionally used spread over warm soda bread or currant cake but is just as nice with a fresh sourdough loaf or toasted bagels.

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