Wild Irish Sea Veg Organic Irish Dillisk 50g

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Dillisk (Palmaria palmata) 50 Gram Pack
It is commonly found from June to September. When picked, shell pieces and other small particles can be washed off and the plant then spread to dry. Dillisk is commonly used in Ireland, Iceland, Atlantic Canada and the Northeast United States both as food and medicine. In South West Ireland it is eaten dried and uncooked in a manner similar to that in which one would eat snacks at a drinks party. It is also used in cooking.

Other Names: Dulse, Duileasc, creathnach, sea parsley.

Type: Red algae

Taste: A slightly salty taste

Texture: Pleasantly chewy when eaten raw. Smooth and buttery when cooked.


To rehydrate: Soak in cold water for up to 10 mins with a little salt. Soaking water can also be used for cooking if passed through a fine mesh strainer.
Salted: Wash salt off thoroughly before use.
Fresh: Rinse thoroughly before use.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Can be eaten dry fresh (or rehydrated) or cooked. You can bake dry dulse to intensify the flavour. If boiled, do not cook for more than 30 mins.
  • Goes well with: Dairy products, potatoes, bread, capers, onion, white fish, eggs, rice.
  • Raw Salads, pickles, slaws, tapenades, dressings.
  • Boil or steam for soups, stews, compotes, chowders, fish pies or as an accompaniment to fish.

(Thank you Wild Irish Seaweed for all the great info!)

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